What people are saying about Pan de Vida and our Programs:

Health Screenings

Anna, 38, called Pan de Vida when she found a lump in her breast.  She heard Pan de Vida was hosting an event for free mammogram screenings for low income women. Anna was anxious and frightened because her mother and sister had checked positive for cancer. Anna was checked and was relieved to know that the lump was benign. Anna’s lump was removed anyway as a precaution, free of charge.


Luis’ work hours and rate of pay were cut at a time when the family needed it most.  At the same time, his son-in-law’s hours were also cut unexpectedly. The newly wedded couple had no choice but to move in with Luis and the rest of the family.  As head of household, Luis’ stress level went up and caused him health problems, and he ended up in the hospital.  The family got behind in rent payments and the land lord threatened eviction.  Pan de Vida found the financial help to pay for their rent and utilities to see them though until his recovery.