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Family Explorer Club

Pan de Vida Foundation is looking to provide Queen Creek and San Tan Valley area low income children and their families with the opportunity for monthly, free, or low cost activities that promote health and wellness by focusing on physical activity and fitness. Our initial services are expected to reach approximately 100 low-income, children, at-risk teens, and their families. 
The expected outcome is greater awareness and education of health benefits and fitness needs in a fun and safe environment.  The activities provided will help cultivate an environment to foster familial relations, and provide activities to help keep these at risk children motivated and involved.
The plan is to partner with other non-profits such as the San Tan Mountain Region Park System, the YMCA, and the American Legion Club, etc,  in order to benefit from their established programs. Therefore, the event location will vary.  The fair market of goods will be determined by the activities and how often free services are presented. Typical costs for activities such as horseback riding and swimming range from $3-$15/person. It is expected that 75-80 % of the total amount of the donation will go towards direct program services. Pan de Vida Foundation has applied for funding sources and grants to assist in these programs. Registration is required to take part in the Family Explorers Club. Please call 480.987.0819 for more information. If your business or group is interested in sponsoring an activity, please contact Mary Gloria at
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